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Full listing and information about the banks in Torricella Peligna

Region = Abruzzo

Province = Chieti

Town = Torricella Peligna

Please find in what follows the full listing along with some useful information about the banks in Torricella Peligna.

For each bank and for each financial institution the street address, the ZIP code, denomination and ABI and CAB code are provided.

Town Address ZIP Bank ABI CAB
Torricella Peligna Corso Umberto, 9 66019 Nuova Cassa di Risparmio Di Chieti Spa 06050 77900

The same in the surroungings of Torricella Peligna:

Gessopalena (CH) (3.8), Colledimacine (CH) (5.2), Montenerodomo (CH) (5.3), Pennadomo (CH) (5.8), Roccascalegna (CH) (5.9), Lama dei Peligni (CH) (6.3),